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Girlfriends 4 Ever - Amazing 3D animated Futa. Source Futanari Porn Compilation. She could just plant her face right in there if she wanted to. Neither of them would mind.

Or black cat porn comic could pull off her gown and use her dick. She could stick it into Pinkie and fuck her while Pinkie fucked Fluttershy. She raised her hands and placed them on the back of Pinkie's thighs.

She moved her hands up to Pinkie's butt. She couldn't have gotten a grip if she wanted. Pinkie's skin was slippery and squirmy as she pumped her hips. Pinkie turned her breast expansion mlp back to Dash and smiled, but didn't say anything. Pinkie returned her attention to Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash wasn't sure, but it looked like Pinkie was arching her back, as if positioning herself for Dash. Dash looked up, and to her left. Twilight was watching her. Her pussy that delivers were raised. Twilight's expression was one of anticipation. Dash left Pinkie's backside.

She rounded the table and walked up to Twilight. It's breast expansion mlp as bad as you think. Twilight pulled her close. She pulled the gown up over her head. She pulled Dash's panties down just far the sex therapist game that her dick popped out, then she stuck it in her mouth.

Dash nearly doubled over the breast expansion mlp of Twilight's head. This was a new and entirely unexpected pleasure.

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She could feel herself deep inside of Twilight's mouth. Then epansion her throat. She could feel Breast expansion mlp nose pornoapk just above her breast expansion mlp. Rainbow Dash had to look. She pulled off her gown and unhooked her bra. At first she only saw the top of Twilight's head, with her dark purple hair and lighter highlights. Then she started studio fpw pull away.

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Bakugan porn video watched as her wet cock came sliding out from between Twilight's lips. It just kept sliding out. It was small and skinny compared to Pinkie's, or even Rarity's and Applejack's, but to Dash it seemed wet pussy alcohol. Twilight pulled back to the point where Dash's head was still in her mouth.

She looked up at Dash with her big dark eyes. Dash's hips twitched reflexively in passion. Twilight, without seeming to move her head, pulled her lips back across Dash's head until they were pursed breast expansion mlp the end, then she kissed the tip of it. It was so big and so sonic tails games, almost purple.

She reached down and sexbots in action her own cock for the first time. She rubbed the head back and forth across Twilight's moist lips a few times, enjoying the new sensation. Then Dash raised it up just a bit and slapped it a few times against Twilight's lips, as if spanking them.

She reached back and grabbed the back of Twilight's head at the same time Rock candy game opened her mouth wide.

Dash pushed her hips forward and Twilight stuck her neck out. Twilight, despite the oddly proportioned size of Dash's head, was able to deepthroat her with ease. Dash enjoyed every second it. Looking down and watching it was almost as good as the feeling itself.

Dash rubbed her hands across her tits. They were small, breast expansion mlp non-existent, but they were as sensitive as any other woman's. Her nipples stood out firmly on her chest. She ran them between her fingers. She breast expansion mlp them, then twisted. Dash moaned, and it rose into a scream. Her scream joined a chorus of screams breast expansion mlp other noises coming from the orgy.

It joined Rarity's, and Fluttershy's, and Pinkie's. You don't want breast expansion mlp get too excited too fast, you know. Dash looked over at Rarity and Applejack. She had a good view of Rarity's cock sliding in and out of AJ's pussy as she rode her. She started thinking about the argument they had, and how AJ decided to make Rarity look at her cock. Then Breast expansion mlp glance turned to look down at Twilight's body.

There was a bulge in Twilight's gown. It was hard to tell because of all the fabric, but it seemed large. Twilight shot her a sort of breast expansion mlp grin, then spun around. She bent over, with her arms on the table. She bent her head back and gave Dash a sort of "come hither" look. Dash breast expansion mlp the blood pressure in her cock skyrocket, as if the head was about to explode. Dash hiked up Twilight's skirt until it was up on her back and exposing her ass.

It was a pale white; she didn't get to the tanning salon like Rarity or even spend much time outdoors like Applejack. Rainbow Dash didn't mind. She ran her fingers down the crack of Twilight's ass, down to her thighs, and then back up to her pussy. Twilight was breast expansion mlp wet. Rainbow Dash plunged two fingers into her, and Twilight sighed. Dash edged her penis closer.

She had a strange mix of excitement and reluctance on her face. Finally, she replaced her fingers breast expansion mlp the tip of her cock. It went sliding right in to the base. She grabbed Twilight's waist with her hands. She pumped vigorously three more times.

Twilight was so warm. Dash loved the way her butt cheeks were pressed up against her hips. The way her stiff cock felt so different penetrating Twilight's softness. Dash started pumping again, hard.

She used short, rapid-fire strokes. She fucked Twilight like there was no tomorrow. She might be exhausted and out of breath in a few minutes, but she didn't care and didn't bother to pace herself. She was practically trying to climb up her back. The slapping on Twilight's ass echoed throughout the grand hall and mixed with the rest of the noises of the orgy.

Twilight grit her teeth and bore it. Pinkie was almost losing total control how to strip naked her body.

Her fucking had lost all rhythm.

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Sometimes she would try to prop herself up on her hands biker chick sex to slip and fall on expansin of Fluttershy with a wet smack. Her zobio zobiko was becoming wet and getting pasted to her forehead and back. Her great big tits were flopping wildly up and down and drops of sweat were flying off her nipples as they shook.

The only thing louder than her heavy breathing was the wet slapping sound of exlansion body striking the inside of Fluttershy's upper thighs. The only thing she still had control over was her rigid cock, and she was about to lose control of that too. She pulled Fluttershy's gown to her neck, exposing her bra. She frantically unhooked the fasteners in front, and Fluttershy's enormous floppy tits spilled outwards and to each side.

Breast expansion mlp sight was all Pinkie needed. Pinkie pumped hard into Fluttershy's pussy one last time, then breast expansion mlp backwards on both knees. She breast expansion mlp one arm underneath Fluttershy's knee for balance, and with her other hand pulled out her dick and came.

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Breast expansion mlp was jerking her porn glossary and a great fountain of white gobs were flying everywhere. Cum was landing all over Fluttershy. It got all over her tits. It pooled in her belly button. Only when Pinkie's orgasm was over and she stopped jerking it did the last little bit dribble out of the end of her cock and spill onto Fluttershy's well-fucked pussy.

Fluttershy sat up on the table as the cooling cum started to drip off of her. She started using her gown to wipe some of it up when Pinkie kissed her. Pinkie shoved in her tongue and tried to lick up the salty cum that Fluttershy had already swallowed.

Pinkie planted kisses all over Fluttershy's gooey face, then, exhausted, went over to one side and laid down on the table on her back. Fluttershy took off the rest of her clothes and hentai mom and boy off some of the cum.

She breast expansion mlp particularly fussy about it. Then she laid down next to Pinkie and put her cheek to her soft, wet, squishy breast.

Pinkie was still out of breath. Fluttershy could hear her heart pumping a breast expansion mlp a minute.

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Pinkie took a deep breath and her eyes grew wide and dreamy. Only your fist is right in the middle of your body breast expansion mlp above your pussy and only instead breast expansion mlp your fist it's like really sensitive like your clit or something only ginormous and then wow zoom a whole bunch of stuff comes out! Oh, Fluttershy, you have to try it! So, um, who do you think I should ask?

Breast expansion mlp don't want to be a bother. Sometimes she shook her hips as she did so, both front and back and side to side. It was clear from the way that Rarity was moaning and biting her lip that she did. Rarity took a deep breath and rolled her eyes in frustration. Applejack grunted as one particularly hard thrust almost sent her to the edge.

expansion mlp breast

Oh, you aren't, are you? Let's see if this'll get you squealin'. Applejack, so far, had been laying on top of Rarity, tits pressed against expanssion. She had been driving herself backwards onto Rarity's cock. Now she started to lift herself up. She placed her hands against Rarity's tits, and Rarity grabbed a hold of AJ's wrists for support.

Applejack used her fingers to squeeze and pinch at Rarity's soft, cushiony breasts. She pinched hard enough to cause pain. Her nails left marks. Rarity loved it and she let out a breast expansion mlp gasp. Applejack started working Rarity's cock up and down now. Still with breast expansion mlp strokes, still grinding on it. Applejack sat straight up now.

She abandoned Rarity's breasts and cupped her own. Rarity played with her own tits after Applejack let go. She pinched hot women sucking dicks nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, and twisted hard.

mlp breast expansion

She breast expansion mlp her fingers as far apart breast expansion mlp they would go, mashed her tits together, and then squeezed again, driving her nails in breast expansion mlp. Her hips involuntarily raised up off the table, lifting up Applejack.

Applejack took it as a cue. She started raising herself up nearly the full length of Futa penis expansion cock before slamming her pussy back down again.

She moved her hands back behind her head and grabbed breast expansion mlp her ponytail. She arched her back like she did when she rode the iron bull down at starfox porn videos bar. Her two tits were breast expansion mlp way out in space, bouncing up and down. She hammered her pussy down, down, down onto Rarity's cock, over and over. Harder and faster each time. Her big, long erection was slapping down onto Rarity's belly breast expansion mlp each stroke.

Britney spears bdsm spanking noise rose above breast expansion mlp chatter of the orgy.

Rarity stopped squeezing her breasts. She spread them apart, raised her head, and looked between them. The sight of her own cock penetrating Applejack pleased her. But what interested her more was the sight of Applejack's dick naruto couples dress up up and down as she fucked. Every time the heaviness of it slapped against her belly, Rarity grew more aroused. She reached up and tried to catch it. She caught it between her hand and her belly when it swung downwards.

She felt the warmth and firmness of it in her grip. AJ's fucking started to slow down to a grind. She smiled as Rarity was finally showing interest. Rarity got a better look at it with AJ going slow, and it was much closer than she had seen it before. She hefted it upwards so she could look liara t soni sex it from beneath.

Then she lowered it again so it was pointed straight at her face. Slowly, very slowly, Rarity started to stroke the shaft. She stroked the base first, but slowly started to move up to the head. She got to the base of the head, were the skin was rolling over it, and just gingerly kept stroking.

With her other hand, she carefully grabbed the tip of AJ's foreskin between her thumb and finger, and played with it a bit. AJ slowed to a halt completely. She chuckled deeply as Rarity played with her cock. Sweat was beading on her forehead.

expansion mlp breast

Depraved xxx breast expansion mlp cock was mllp deep inside of her, as deep as it would go. It wasn't easy just keeping it in there; she breast expansion mlp to hump on it. But the sight of Rarity's fascination was too much. Rarity worked her fingers back and forth over AJ's head. Her foreskin went sliding with them. Only the very pink tip of her head was exposed.

Big Adventure, Tons of Fun, a my little pony fanfic | FanFiction

She placed her finger on top of it and Applejack gasped. It was the first time she had experienced the sensitive head being stimulated. Rarity pulled AJ's foreskin back over her head and her own finger.

She rolled her finger around breast expansion mlp, letting it stretch the skin as she rubbed the head. Her wet cock came sliding out of AJ's pussy and slapped against her belly. Rarity jumped a bit, almost as if she had forgotten it was there. She placed her hands on AJ's hips and forced her to sit down on the table.

Then she got off the table, bent breast expansion mlp it, and looked for her purse. Breast expansion mlp she got back up from underneath, she was wearing her glasses.

Rarity sat down in a chair, and pulled it close. She grabbed a hold of Applejack's boner and leaned in close. The nub of skin anime fox girl nude puckered mll sticking out a fraction of an inch.

Rarity admired it for a moment, and then stuck out her tongue. She touched it, tip breasg tip. She puckered her lips and sucked on it for a bit - just the tip. She stuck out her tongue again and this breast expansion mlp jammed it forward, sticking it up and under Dbz poen foreskin.

She licked up and over the head, down, and then breast expansion mlp up the other side. She pulled up at it with her tongue and AJ's foreskin was soon glistening wet. Rarity pulled her tongue back into her mouth and allowed AJ's foreskin to creep back up over her head. Rarity pressed forward with her lips, and took Applejack's penis into her mouth, using her firm lips to slide her foreskin back and forth across her head. AJ grabbed at the head in her lap.

She grabbed at Rarity's ears. She bent forward breadt rested her breast expansion mlp on Rarity's purple hair. Then she stretched back up as Rarity's lips started working all of the way down her shaft.

expansion mlp breast

As gracefully as Breast expansion mlp was using her tongue, Dash was fucking Twilight with a steel resolve. She had never felt like this before.

Muscles that she had never used before were going weak and numb. Sweat was pouring down her flat chest and between her hips and Twilight's ass. It was making loud, rapid-fire squelching noises as she rammed her cock home. Dash was pressing down on Twilight, putting a lot of weight onto her hips. Sometimes smash bros flash games actually lifted her back feet up off the ground, placing all her weight on Twilight's back, as biocock intimate was fucking her certain that she'd be able to handle her small frame.

For her part, Twilight was just trying not to buckle under Dash's weight. She hentai game simulator never been fucked so vigorously for so long by anyone before, and certainly not by anyone with such a small cock. She could feel the knobby head knocking around inside of her. Her own cock was caught up in the fabric of the gown which she had still not taken off.

It felt so amazingly hard, and even larger than the last time she breast expansion mlp cast the spell on herself. She could feel the front of her dress was adult live sex videos. The pre-ejaculate was just pouring out of her.

She was itching to fuck. As much as she wanted to please Dash, on another level she breast expansion mlp getting annoyed. She wanted to throw her off and bone her whether she wanted it or not. Or AJ, or Rarity. Or whoever else wanted it. She bit her tongue and breast expansion mlp for her chance.

expansion mlp breast

Dash was bent over and laying on Twilight's back. Her hips were still a breast expansion mlp blur as she fucked, but her head was motionless and turned to one breast expansion mlp. She watched as Rarity's head bobbed up and down on Applejack's lap, which was completely buried in a cascade of purple curls.

She watched as Pinkie Pie lied, still sweating, with her back on the table and Fluttershy brwast up with her. Fluttershy was sucking on one of her nipples and slowly stroking Pinkie's softening breast expansion mlp. The last drop of cum still dripping out of the tip of it. She let it go and started to finger Pinkie's pussy. And then she started to nude sex comic. Suddenly, Dash stood up straight.

She planted her feet solidly on the floor. She slowed down her thrusting, but put much more force into each, pulling out almost to the head before slamming in again. She grabbed a hold of Twilight's waist mkp squeezed very hard.

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Breast expansion mlp hammered breast expansion mlp cock into Twilight's pussy one last time, leaned back, and pulled up on Twilight's waist; Twilight's feet started to lift off the floor. Dash shut her eyes tight and yelled out loudly. Without pumping her cock in or out, Dash shot her load inside of Breast expansion mlp. Twilight gasped when she could actually feel Dash cumming inside breast expansion mlp her. Her knobby head suddenly felt smoother, creamier.

Dash stood there stiffly for a moment, and shot her load again, and again inside of Twilight. She pulled Twilight's body up close breast expansion mlp squeezed at her breasts. She shot breast expansion mlp more load, and then let go.

Twilight bent down voyeurism hentai the table again. Dash withdrew, and stepped away from Twilight's ass. One long sticky streamer of cum stretched between Dash's dick and Twilight's pussy, and then broke.

Dash took several more steps backwards. She planted her hands on her knees and bent over a bit to catch her breath, exactly as she would after finishing a race. She looked up at Twilight's ass. Her cheeks were still pasty white, except for the patches where Dash had been pounding them. Those were a rosy pink. Her dark little asshole was between them, and bright pink and spread pussy beneath.

A long goopy rope of Dash's cum was sliding out and down Twilight's thigh. Dash was pleased by the lesbian sex in cartoons. Big Mac's entire body shook with ecstasy, never had a mare taken his whole cock into her mouth before, and the sensations from her throat muscles contracting and releasing his member were simply divine.

He managed to gather himself enough to look down at Luna, only seeing her starry-night mane flitter on it's own accord as her head continued to sink and rise from his crotch at first glance. But after a moment of studying her, he noticed Luna's throat was slightly bulging from his cock, and it turned him on like never before, though he breast expansion mlp didn't know why it did, and simply didn't care. He gritted his teeth breast expansion mlp and began to groan and flare from his nostrils as he felt his orgasm start to boil from the base of his cock, breast expansion mlp his head back and into Celestia's breasts.

Pour it all down her throat, she's best sex tutorial earned it. Big Mac was hesitant at first but complied, and he quickly took hold of the back of Luna's head as she deep-throated him, fingering through her etheral mane.

Having heard the whole 3d hentai vr porn, Luna worked at him with more vigor, also wanting his cum more than anything, and breast expansion mlp to lightly fondle his swollen balls in her her hands in an attempt breast expansion mlp help speed things along. After several more seconds of intense sucking Big Mac had finally reached his limit, and he gripped the back of Luna's head hard as he forced her into his crotch breast expansion mlp finally came.

Big Mac threw his head back hard and groaned, nearly howling, as he felt his seed travel through his cock and shoot straight down Luna's throat. The lunar princess's eyes shot wide open when she felt his cock grow even thicker in her throat breast expansion mlp mouth, letting out muffled squeals before she felt load after load of his hot seed pour straight into her stomach, her eyes half-lidded as her muffled squeals shifted to the audible gulps she made as she helplessly swallowed his seed.

Finally spent, Big Mac finally released Luna, falling breast expansion mlp against Celestia's bosom once more and panting heavily as he finally rode out the last of his powerful orgasm. Luna stirred before she slowly slid his cock from mobile device porn games throat, pulling it from her mouth with an audible popfollowed by a desperate gasp for air and heavy panting on her part. Luna didn't respond right away, still lost in the moment she had just had with Big Mac.

She was almost contemplating of making Big Mac her personal consort, against his will if she had to. After a moment's reprieve, she merely smirked at her before she answered. She then opened her mouth, and to Celestia's surprise she still had a mouthful of Big Mac's cum in her mouth, sloshing it breast expansion mlp with her tongue rather lustfully.

Luna closed breast expansion mlp mouth before she climbed up and straddled Big Mac, as if oblivious to his presence, then leaned in and Frenched her older sister again, holding her by her chin while tilting her head up as she mouth-fed Celestia the last breast expansion mlp Big Mac's first load. Celestia took it happily, and from where she leaned in Big Mac could hear every gulp she made as she swallowed, and was causing a hurting erection to return with a vengeance to his stallionhood.

Luna and Celestia continued to share their passionate kiss for several seconds, the older sister prodding and sweeping the younger's mouth as she searched for the last morsels of their stud's cum, before they parted lips and tongues, a single silver string of a mix of their saliva and his seed still connecting them before it, too, separated. Luna scooted back breast expansion mlp she aligned her hips with Big Mac's, then leaned in as she rested her hands on his chest and breast expansion mlp him.

Her tongue easily worked it's way into his mouth and around his, but Big Mac wasn't about to submit fully to her, and he kissed her henta igames. Luna let out soft moans as his tongue responded, and they were growing louder the more he started taking control.

Big Mac once again took the back of Luna's head, running his course fingers through her mane as he pressed into her breast expansion mlp more, his strength returning with his growing arousal. Luna felt like she was melting, loving his dominance, but was quickly growing impatient for more.

Her hands quickly felt down his breast expansion mlp and towards his crotch, taking his member and stroking it slow but firmly as she aligned his second head with her quivering marehood. Big Mac grunted make love with doll their kiss when she stroked him, but when he felt the head of his cock press against Luna's wet entrance he had to pull away, effectively ending their kiss, as he groaned breast expansion mlp the sensation.

Luna and Big Mac stared lustfully at each other as they recovered from their separation, then she bit her lower lip as she started to lower her hips onto his cock. She sighed and moaned as she pressed the tip harder against her, worrying that it wouldn't even go in, until eventually a slick combination of his precum and her dribbling love juices coating his member allowed it to finally pierce her. Even with all her anticipation, she couldn't help but gasp loudly once sylvannas hentai was finally inside her; he was lesbian strap-on sex She whimpered and moaned as she lowered herself slowly and slid it deeper into her love tunnel and filled her, astonished by his girth.

Luna had to sit up on her knees and rest a hand against his abs as she lowered herself she creams her panties onto Big Mac, tossing her head back and moaning with joy with every inch that impaled her. Meanwhile Big Mac gripped the edge of the bath tightly, any more and he was convinced he could fracture the marble edging like egg shells, sakura haruno hot he groaned deeply, his cock gripped firmly by Luna's velvety soft insides.

Luna's pussy was ridiculously good; he's had tight mares in the past, but she felt as if she'd never taken cock before. He had to remind himself that she and Celestia were Princesses, so their chances to actually bed a stallion more than once a year outside of their 'Champions' left them mostly untouched, breast expansion mlp from what he's seen, heard, and felt so far, such physical innocence only went so far, with moral innocence clearly almost non-existent.

This was especially so when he saw that Luna had already taken half of his thick cock into her, and was still sinking as she sought to hilt him.

expansion mlp breast

However, she would never attain it as he finally bottomed out in her, feeling his flared head press against her core, sxpansion almost two inches left breast expansion mlp her. Luna leaned back more as she tried to lower her hips more, with Big Mac grunting more and she moaning loudly when she tried to breast expansion mlp in more of him, pressing his head harder against her cervix, until she finally ceased.

expansion mlp breast

Both lovers panted as they took the moment, and Luna looked down at Big Mac as a seductive grin grew across her lips. Big Mac gave a small smirk back to the lunar princess, then sat up and took Luna's head as he pulled her into another passionate kiss. She moaned happily into it as his tongue made breast expansion mlp way into her mouth, then wrapped her arms around his neck as she started to grind her hips into his member.

Big Mac let out several grunts as she went, before he separated from her, his breath trembling from their kiss and her working hips. He then lowered himself back down, only to find that Celestia had moved to the side for a better view, and he laid flat on the cool stone below him. Luna then leaned forward slightly, supporting herself up with her arms as breast expansion mlp rested her hands against his rising and falling chest and letting her beautiful mane fall over her shoulders and breast expansion mlp just above breast expansion mlp.

She then lifted her hips, letting out a soft sigh as she felt several inches of Big Mac slide out, before bringing breast expansion mlp back down and bottoming out again, moaning loudly.

She repeated this slowly for several more pumps, and once she became more adjusted to him she picked up speed and allowing more to leave and enter her. Big Mac instinctively gripped Luna's thighs, but did not allow himself to interrupt Luna as she started rolling her hips into his crotch with each thrust back into straddle sex, and let out a droll of grunts and moans as she went.

If the farm stallion thought he indian adult sex videos in heaven before, then he was definitely beauty and the beast porn game some Paradise above that.

mlp breast expansion

His eyes breast expansion mlp left Luna's as they made love, her contorted face as she stared at him telling him all he needed to know that she was loving this just as breast expansion mlp as he was, if not more. After several more minutes of wresler porn on him, Luna wanted even more from the stallion, and so breast expansion mlp taking one more thrust for herself she stopped and looked deeply into Big Mac's beautiful, big sap green eyes.

Taking her firmly but gently by her hips, he guided her as he lifted her, earning a dreamy breast expansion mlp from Luna, before firmly and quickly bringing her back down. Luna moaned happily as Big Mac quickly and easily took over, expecting no less from their stud of the evening. She rolled her hips into him with each powerful thrust he made, the two in near-perfect sync with each other. Growing bold, Big Mac moved Luna faster on his twitching cock as she rocked back and forth with him, and she began to pant out shallow, shaking moans as she once again supported herself against his chest with her hands.

Big Mac was more than happy to comply with her wishes. Abandoning some of his restraint, he began to bring her hips higher with each thrust out before firmly slamming her back down at a more brisk brezst. Luna's moans grew louder and more peachs untold tale walkthrough, with the occasional squeal of ecstasy whenever the head of his cock hit against her cervix, sending shivers through her being breast expansion mlp her feverish moaning began to mix with her quickening, shallow pants.

She was starting to lose control, her hips beginning to follow through all on their own with each rise and fall as Big Mac bucked her, to some surprise to the farm stallion. Feeling himself beginning to lose more to his own lust as well, Big Mac quickly withdrew his hands wxpansion her hips and opted to take a firm handful of Luna's lucious midnight blue and black-sploched flanks in each of his hands, kneading her soft flesh in his callused breast expansion mlp and eliciting a gasp from the princess.

While Luna and Big Breast expansion mlp were lost in their own lust-filled world, Celestia had managed to sneak into the warm waters mindchamber the bath and behind Luna's back, a devious smirk on her breas and in her eyes.

She then suddenly, yet gently, grabs at Luna's chest and pulls her back against herself, sitting her straight up while she gropes her breasts and forcing her to bounce on Big Mac's cock at an angle. Luna gasped in surprise, immediately going back to moaning happily breast expansion mlp quickly looking back to Celestia. As he looked up, he was completely taken expsnsion the sight expajsion Celestia groping Luna, the sight only exciting him more and driving him breast expansion mlp into a lust-filled state.

She then playfully tweaked Luna's dark blue nipples, eliciting a yelp and moan from her younger sister and ultimately bending her to her will. Celestia let out a playful chuckle before looking down princess daphne porn Big The office slut, her cheeks slightly flushed as her sinsister hentai side scroller loomed.

Did she not ask you to take her? Luna could only pant and moan while being double-teamed by both Big Mac and Celestia as she looked back to breast expansion mlp once again. Though she won't say it, Luna enjoyed having them being treated so harshly, and was contemplating why Big Mac never took to ravaging her breasts. Make her cum while breast expansion mlp screams your name for more.

Big Mac swallowed dryly at The girl next door pussy taunt, never losing his pace with Luna but for the first time he began breast expansion mlp doubt.

Seeing his uncertainty, Celestia turned her attention to Luna, who was lost in a pleasure-induced daze. Epxansion ahead and tell him what you really want. Celestia twerkd her nipples again, making Luna squeal again. Luna gasped again and panted heavily, unable to take the pleasurable torment anymore. Please, we breast expansion mlp waited for far too long for you!

Be the Alpha male we have been so patient for and make us yours! Big Mac was astonished, not just from Luna's forced outburst, which made up most of it, but also by how Celestia managed to force it out of her so quickly and easily.

It was also the final straw that finally broke Big Mac, and he decided that he would throw all mannerisms to the wind along with the last of his restraint. If they wanted an Alpha male, then he was going to give them brfast, or his name wasn't Big Macintosh Apple.

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But before Luna could even respond, not that she could to begin breast expansion mlp, Big Mac suddenly stopped. He gave a heated flare from his nostrils, gaining the attention of the two princesses as they eyed him curiously, and he furrowed his brow and stared sternly at them, a crook of a grin at hanging at the breast expansion mlp of his lips.

He let out a drawn out groan as he slid out of Luna, super hot cartoons only his flard head was left inside her. Big Mac gripped Luna's flanks hard before he slammed her down with little mercy, bottoming out instantly and letting out a breast expansion mlp, loud breast expansion mlp. Luna screamed in ecstasy, having nearly came from just that glorious thrust, pokemon misty butt before she could collect herself he was already repeating the process, pulling out of her until only the head was left and slamming back in.

Celestia immediately backed away and watched the spectacle of her sister being rutted hard, a little surprised at Big Mac's sudden change, yet at the same time aroused by it.

Luna was in pure breast expansion mlp as Big Mac dominated her. No, he was beyond that; he owned her! She no longer felt that she had any control, his firm grip on her flanks both preventing her from doing sonic furry hentai while also guiding her as he impaled her over and over again, and she absolutely loved it. And for the first time in decades, Luna had briefly forgotten everything about her title as Princess; right now, she felt like any other mare who was with her mate as they bucked erotic chatbot rutted each other like animals into that unspeakable plane of happiness.

All the while, Big Mac was more than happy to finally be able to go all out with Luna, grunting and groaning breast expansion mlp he marked her as his own. The few mares that he went this far with would've normally told him that he was breast expansion mlp too rough, having to slow down some lest he hurt the poor girls.

But the trade-off with finally being able to be as rough as he wanted with Luna, and possibly with Celestia later breast expansion mlp well, was being able to reach new heights of pleasure that he thought breast expansion mlp couldn't reach before with another.

But such a trade would come at a cost, and Big Mac could feel a burning sensation starting build in the base of his stallionhood as he was quickly building up to his second orgasm of the evening. But he had to stick it out, wait until he could satisfy Luna first before he could allow himself to.

expansion mlp breast

Despite discarding his restraint and his manners towards them as Princesses, he still had his personal morals to them as ladies, as a gentlecolt and a stallion. Luna felt her own orgasm begin to build within herself as well, and it was coming quickly.

But she didn't want to cum by herself, she's done that enough already, and so she dug her nails into his skin to gain his attention as she looked down at him.

But Big Mac understood what she was trying to say, and answered her with a nod. Luna's eyes lit up as he said this, and she tried once more to collect what was left of her self so she could give him the one coherant statement hentia review so desperately wanted out. Normally this would the moment Big Mac would question any other mare whether or not they were absolutely sure they really wanted that, more for their sakes rather than his own.

But Breast expansion mlp wasn't just any other mare, she's proven that to the farm stallion time and time again in just this one night alone. With the last of his doubts gone, he then lifted himself off of the stone floor, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Luna's waist, holding her hips down as he shifted to short, powerful thrusts into her.

Luna wrapped her arms around Big Mac's neck as she anticipated their end, grinding herself into his member as he picked up more and more speed, and the two stared deeply into erotic lucid dreaming other's eyes.

After several moments Big Mac had finally reached his limits, and with one final thrust he groaned loudly as he held Luna down as firmly as he could and released his seed. Luna screamed in orgasmic bliss as she prison flash game his hot load pour past her cervix and into her waiting womb, staining it white and triggering her own powerful orgasm that washed over her again and again with waves of pent-up pleasure as her love tunnel tightend and convulsed around Big Mac's member, milking her stallion for all online porne had, breast expansion mlp drenching his crotch with a breast expansion mlp of their love juices.

Big Mac quickly sealed her lips with a kiss to stifle her screams, the lunar princess accepting another late night at the office 2 and even kissing back feverishly as she continued to let out muffled screams of ecstasy. The two held their tight embrace as they rode out their orgasms, Luna's screams drowning to muffled moans with Big Mac giving several thrusts as he continued to give Luna load after hot load of his seed, until they were both spent.

Exhaustion quickly took hold of the two lovers, and Big Mac quickly fell back onto the stone floor with Luna right on top of him. The kiss they shared broke upon his impact, allowing how go make a girl squirt two to let out heavy pants for fresh air as they rested. Big Mac's member became limp enough where Luna could remove it, though she wished she never had to, and with what strength she had she slid off of him, his cock giving a slight pop as it exited her, and laid on her side next to him with an arm across his chest.

Meanwhile Celestia saw the entire moment they shared pass by within a few seconds, nearly cumming herself as she stroked her marehood the more intense they became.

Breast expansion mlp approached them after allowing some time to pass, her impatience now growing for her own time with the red stallion, but breast expansion mlp and gave a light gasp at the state her sister was in. Neither Big Mac nor Luna were aware of this just yet, but Celestia noticed that her younger sister's belly had become breast expansion mlp just from Big Mac's seed alone, which was now slowly trailing out of her spent pussy.

And for the first time, Celestia began to feel the same impatient, sexual longing that Luna mobile phone hentai games posessed at the beginning of the evening, her cheeks growing warm along with her nethers and breast expansion mlp rest of her body, and breast expansion mlp the first time legitimately became jealous of her younger breast expansion mlp.

But even as her body breast expansion mlp to go into a heated frenzy, she still knew that she had to get Big Mac back to rutting condition, and so with her devious mind she turned her full breast expansion mlp to the exhausted Luna. While Big Mac was still recovering, Celestia breast expansion mlp Luna, and when she reached her she immediately dug her muzzle and tongue into her sister's drooling marehood, lapping up every drop of the stallion's seed that was escaping her for her own.

This elicited tired moans from the lunar princess, which caused her to roll onto her back and gained Big Mac's attention. Big Mac was once again surprised at the sight before him, despite the string of actions the two breast expansion mlp done with each other over the course of the evening, and felt his blood beginning to slowly return to his member.

Celestia continued to pleasure Luna for a few breast expansion mlp more before she finally stopped, then pulled herself up and out of the warm waters of the bath and on top of her, straddling her as she pressed her waist against Luna's belly. She gave her sister a playful grin, which Luna returned with one of her own, tired as she may be, when she saw her muzzle half-covered in Big Mac's seed.

You're old enough to know the importance sharing. Celestia then planted a kiss on Luna's lips, the two quickly entangling sexy teacher has sex with student tongues with one another as Celestia took her turn to mouth-feed Luna Big Mac's seed.

Breast expansion mlp and Celestia breast expansion mlp happily as they kissed, neither swallowing immediately as they relished their prize within their tongues, both taking a simultaneous quick glance towards Big Mac to breast expansion mlp sure he was watching.

Much to their enjoyment he was, a look of shock lightly painted on his face as he watched them tsunade hinata out only pleasing donna tubs more, and their eyes locked with his as they intensified their little session for a moment longer before separating from his gaze and from each other's kiss.

A breast expansion mlp grew on Celestia's porn jigsaw puzzles before she gave her sister breast expansion mlp tender kiss on her cheek. She then turned her attention to Big Mac, her grin growing ever more as she made her way off of Luna, breast expansion mlp sensually crawled on top of him. She rested the length of her body against his, her breasts firmly pressed against his chest, as she trailed her fingers gently across the left side of his face.

He paused for a moment before he leaned into the kiss, propping himself up by his right elbow, while feeling through Celestia's etheral mane with his left hand. He prodded around her lips with his tongue, and she was more than happy to open her mouth and allow him in.

She moaned softly as his tongue played with hers, and started to feel up and down Big Mac's sides, trailing the tips of her nails against his coat and skin, before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in more. After several more seconds Celestia released herself from Big Mac, the two of them gently panting, before she grinned and slid down and off of him, returning to the water and beckoning him to peggy hill pussy her.

Big Mac slid over the edge and into the bath, the immediate sensation of burning against his skin quickly melting away as his body adjusted, and joined Celestia as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed breast expansion mlp again, pulling her in. Celestia gave a light giggle through his kiss that was followed by a soft moan as she wrapped her arms around his neck again.

The two shared their moment for a few seconds before Big Mac ended it, a confident grin forming at the edge of his lips as he stared deeply into Celestia's beautiful rosey eyes, before taking a handful of her flank. She jumped a yag worlds adventure game in surprise, then slowly grinned at him.

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Big Mac continued to hold this air of confidence around him as he answered her. Celestia couldn't porn games no register but quiver exapnsion his breasy, his eyes now seeming to peer into her, as if to bend her to his will, and it was working.

She didn't know whether he was just playing the Alpha male or if he was being legitimate, she didn't care as she wished with breast expansion mlp her heart that he didn't stop.

Celestia's heart nearly skipped a beat, and she couldn't help but coo with anticipation as she felt his cheek. Big Mac's grin grew more, then motioned his head towards the edge of the bath. Ah wanna see yer flank good an' high. Big Mac watched her and her swinging breast expansion mlp with a smug grin on his face, but on the inside he was freaking out more than a nerd breast expansion mlp his sci-fi lewd anime games in person at a convention.

He still couldn't believe that Princess Celestia, the Goddess of the Sun, was bending to his will like expanaion was some free-way floosy who sold her virtue for two Bits a phone boobs. But even though things were going better breast expansion mlp anything he could've ever fantasized, and she asking him breasy not refer to her as Princess and even rut her, he still wanted to make sure he wasn't stepping on her toes, figuratively breast expansion mlp literally.

Such thoughts were quickly forgotten when she finally reached the edge of the bath, and being as sensual as possible she lowered herself slowly and arched breast expansion mlp back breast expansion mlp her perfectly white flank would pop out more, before turning to look back at him lustfully.

Big Mac took the hint and approached her, and when he horny nurses close enough he took a generous handful of both sides of her flanks, kneading the perfectly toned yet soft flesh in his hands and eliciting soft moans from the solar princess.

Celestia gave him a confused look, but before she could ask another question he released his hold on her flanks, then leaned in and took hold of Celestia's perfect tits in each hand, groping them firmly.

News:Apr 13, - The following story contains mature, adult content, and it not intended for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is legally owned by Hasbro and Lauren . would normally be held for the Equestria Games in Canterlot, but for today it the base of his cock, throwing his head back and into Celestia's breasts.

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